June is checking on color samples with our tailor, Wy. Gede Astawa in the doorway of his garment factory, Bim Collection (named after his young son).

This is Wayan, a very important person in Gede’s small operation - the cutter - who both makes the patterns and measures out & cuts the fabrics.

Inside the Bim Collection clothing factory, the sewing machines are whirring! There are a total of 8 machines – a very small, friendly operation.

These young women are the finishers, in charge of cutting threads and checking for problems in the stitching or fabrics, then ironing, folding, and packaging the finished garments.

Here is one of the sweet girls in Bagus Collection, making a garland. They are always busy doing something, never just sitting idle!

The Bagus Collection shop in Legian, Bali, where they specialize in all types of fairy outfits for girls.





Fred is shopping and visiting with Made Junia, proprietor of Junia Silver shop in Celuk, Bali.

Her husband at work making some earrings for us.

Their workers making and polishing rings in the
courtyard of their home based business


This is the entry to our homestay in Ubud. We have been staying with the family at Arjuna House during our buying/manufacturing trip to Bali every year since 1999.

A photo of our bungalow.

An ‘informal portrait’ on our bungalow porch.






























































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